Everything You Need To Know About Wasps


None of us like the thought of thousands of insects flying around our homes and gardens and we especially do not want them setting up home there as well. In the UK, wasps have become very prevalent and some say it is due to the changing weather that we get here. Summers are becoming longer and days are hotter and this has allowed wasps to breed and increase in numbers. Historically, we have always been scared of them even though they don’t really present any immediate danger to us. It is important to be calm around wasps and not to upset them or try to kill them. Once you start to do that, then you will come to their attention and they may want to introduce themselves in great numbers.

Will They Sting Me?

Most wasps do become stinging insects, but others will sting you quicker than most. There are many different types of wasps and so determining what kind of wasp that they are is important. You could contact Mr Wasp, who are a company that have a wealth of information on the subject. Alternatively, get yourself online and learn how to differentiate one wasp from another. There are two kinds of wasps, one is a social insect which lives in large groups and the other is a solitary wasp that likes to be alone.

Different Kinds

The wasps that like to be alone are generally wasps that like to burrow and can become quite large in size and their kinds scare people a lot due to this. The burrowing wasps are there to kill off pests and spiders and are generally a positive thing for you and your garden, especially if you have a vegetable patch. Generally, they leave you alone if you leave them alone. Different kinds of wasps range from Paper Wasps who like to build nests in dry, quiet places on or around your house and Hornets, which tend to be very aggressive if disturbed and you should contact Mr Wasp if you have these around your home.

When To Get An Expert

Generally, you can coexist around wasps, but if they decide to put a nest somewhere where your family walks past a lot or in some cases right above your front door, then this is the time to get the experts in and get them removed as quick as possible. Once you see them trying to set up shop at a certain location get them moved along quickly. In most cases, relocating the nest or total removal of the nest is preferable for all. There are some natural suggestions that many feel will work when you want to repel wasps from around your home.

Some suggestions are hanging an old CD around your home. This moves and reflects in the sunlight and seems to scare them off. If you can see where they are beginning to put a nest and you can reach it safely, then a quick spray of WD-40 in that area makes them move on and they won’t be back to build there again.

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