Need Help With Black Garden Ants? Check These Details!


One of the most common species of ants found in Massachusetts and many other states is the black garden ant. Despite the name, these ants can be dark brown, and like other species, these insects live in colonies. As a homeowner, it can be frightening to find black garden ants in the house. Are these insects dangerous? Do you need to call pest control? What can you do about the situation? In this post, we are answering some key questions.

The basics

As far as size is concerned, black garden ants are usually 3 mm to 5 mm in length, but the queen can measure up to 15 mm. These ants take to the sky for mating, and immediately after, the males die, while the queens shed the wings and consume the same for nutrition. True to its name, these ants love open yards and gardens. These ants thrive on sweet things and “milk” aphids for honeydew. If you see black garden ants inside the house, the chances are high that there is sweet food around.

Humans and black garden ants

Unlike many other pests, black garden ants don’t pose an immediate threat to humans. If you come across an ant, it is unlikely to get into the defense mode but would try to hide. Although a black garden ant can bite, harm to humans is unlikely. These insects don’t sting or bite but eject something called formic acid, which can cause a burning sensation in a cut or wound.

Professional pest control

If you are worried about ants, consider calling pest control without further delay. The experts will look for nesting sites and use insecticides as needed. In many cases, granular baits are used by pest control experts, while dust pesticides can help prevent ants from entering homes. The good part is many local companies now rely on safer pest control means and eco-friendly products, which can reduce your worries as a consumer. The cost of getting rid of black garden ants depends on many factors, but it is a relatively safe job for pest control companies and doesn’t cost a lot.

After pest control work is done, ensure that you keep trash away and cut out potential food sources. Keep your kitchen clean, and get preventive maintenance done as needed. If you have found a nesting site, pour some boiling water, but don’t use pest control products without prior experience.

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