What Kind of Everyday Problems Does an Electrician Deal With on a Daily Basis


On a normal day, there are usually four common electrical problems which electricians are called out to take care of and they are:

  • Intermittent power
  • A power surge
  • Redundant wiring
  • Overloaded circuits

Each one of these issues may cause electrical fires and must be seen to and dealt with as soon as possible.

The skilled electrician is able to quickly identify and get the problem sorted out and assure any concerned homeowner that everything is now safe again. Let’s take a closer look at each problem:

1 – Intermittent Power

  • This comes about because of a wiring problem and normally occurs by way of one or some of them being loose.
  • To find the cause, you must trace the electrical cable from the device to the plug, and inspect for any wear or tear, such as fraying, or exposed wiring.
  • The electrical device should then be opened up to check the connection point where power goes to the unit.
  • Should the wiring be indeed frayed, either try repairing it yourself or simply take it to a trustworthy electrician.
  • Consult with specialists AFS Electrical, to take care of any type of job, big or small at an affordable price.

2 – Power Surge

  • Power surges do happen because of a sudden increase of power supplied by the electricity company.
  • The circuit gets overloaded, causing the electricity to switch off and this is a problem if you are away for a day or more and your fridge and freezer have food and beverages inside.
  • The best you can do at the consumer level, is to buy an electrical power strip and plug your electrical equipment into it.
  • With the built in circuit, this will make sure that any surge, which goes to the power outlet are run via another circuit.

3 – Redundant Wiring

  • This happens in homes where the previous owner did their own electrical wiring.
  • More than often, not all of the wiring is used, and when there’s live wires which have been left without being properly capped or terminated, accidents can happen.
  • In these types of cases, contact a skilled electrician and get all of it thoroughly checked and dealt with.

4 – Overloaded Circuits

  • This occurs when too many electrical devices are using the same point of supply.
  • This happens when many devices are all plugged in and using power at the same time.
  • The extra demand will then exceed the capacity and blown fuses then happen.
  • The typical warning signs to look out for when there’s an electrical problem, is the need to keep on resetting the fuse for a circuit, or you will observe flickering lights.

Make Good Use of Electrical Specialists

And think about it, if your computer crashes because of an electrical surge or some other problem, you will then wish that you took preventive measures to make certain that everything was in great working shape, right?!

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