Swimming Pool Maintenance for the Perfect Water Chemistry


The water in your swimming pool changes throughout the year. The requirements for opening and closing your pool differ from those during the summer heat. Everything that touches your pool water affects it, including swimmers, the weather, and even nearby lawn treatments or pesticides.

Before we dive into our chemistry lesson on maintaining balanced, healthy pool water, let’s review the benefits of fiberglass pools.

Maintaining Swimming Pool Water Chemistry

No matter how or when you use your pool, it’s important to test the water regularly. Several factors influence how often you should test your water:

  • Usage of the swimming pool
  • Number of people and pets using your pool
  • Weather changes: rain, wind, extreme heat, or cold
  • Recent pesticide or fertilizer treatment near your property

As a rule of thumb, test the chlorine and pH levels twice to three times per week during peak season and when the pool is heavily used. You should also check Total Alkalinity (TA), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), and Calcium Hardness after rain showers, heavy usage, pets swimming, or fertilizing your lawn and plants. We recommend performing these tests at least once a month.

Basic Chemistry: Balancing Swimming Pool and Spa Water

This section will detail what balanced, healthy water looks like. We’ll explore not only the clarity and cleanliness of the water but also its chemistry. We will explain what balanced water is, how to achieve it, and how to maintain it. We’ll also offer some tips and tricks for bringing your pool water back into balance.

For swimmer safety and comfort, it’s essential to filter and sanitize your swimming pool water properly. Unbalanced pool water can cause more than just red eyes and dryness; it can also damage equipment and surfaces through corrosion or scaling. A properly balanced swimming pool helps prevent metal corrosion and pool surface scaling.

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