UPVC Windows and Doors – A Solid Investment


Let’s face it, the home is the biggest single investment a person will make in their lifetime, and hopefully, the equity will steadily increase and your retirement will be financially secure. Of course, any property must be maintained, and armed with a list of essential service numbers, and a suitable budget, the homeowner can ensure the structure is well looked after and any necessary repairs are quickly carried out. Aside from home maintenance, it is wise to make improvements, which will not only give you and your family added comfort, it will add value to your home.


Your windows and doors are an integral part of the structure, and for many centuries, timber was the preferred material for framing, and there are still many homes in the UK that still have the original timber framed windows. While this type of window might have been reliable and cheap, timber needs regular maintenance and if that is overlooked, the British climate will soon signal the arrival of dry rot, yet modern solutions include UPVC double glazed windows and doors. The latest generation are made to measure units and with an impressive range of styles, finishes and colours, you can match any setting. UPVC frames mean you have a fit and forget scenario, and if the units are of top quality and installed by professionals, you will receive many decades of trouble free use, and a warm interior.

Thermal Insulation

This is one of the major benefits you derive from double glazing, and with a majority of your heat exiting the home via the windows and doors, having the whole house fitted with custom made units will really bring your fuel bills down. There are many reputable double glazing companies online, and if a person were looking for UPVC back doors in Essex, an online search would produce a list of websites. This added insulation works in both the summer and winter, keeping your home cool on those hot summer days, and you can also say goodbye to those annoying draughts, which seem to occur in every room in the house.

Professional Installation

The double glazing business has had its fair share of bad publicity, but these days, it is easy to review a company by making enquiries and browsing their website for testimonials, which every good business should be able to supply. If the company has been in business longer than 5 years and they have a good local reputation, then it’s just a question of the standard of workmanship. Look for a contractor with attention to detail, as there will be little things you might want them to do. When a customer places and order, the window company would send a surveyor to measure their window and door apertures, and this would be very precise, ensuring that the units fit perfectly.

Most double glazed windows are built to a high standard, and you would be able to look at a show home, where the windows and doors are showcased, and with a solid warranty of at least 5 years on both labour and the product, you can rest assured that your new windows and doors will stand the test of time.

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