What is Triple Glazing and why are People Installing it


Well, you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to know that triple equals 3 panes of glass instead of 1 or 2! It has been said that by having an extra pane, you will effectively boost efficiency and get a further reduction in noise levels. Well, everybody and their dog who has double glazing installed, knows that it makes a significant improvement over single glazing, but would making the change over to triple glazing make that much more of a difference?

Well, in fact, there are a number of reasons to select triple glazed windows for your Greater London area home. One of the top reasons that most people don’t even check out this option is because they figure on the expense being way too high. So, why would a triple glazed window be a great asset for anybody who lives in the beautiful UK? Let’s take a look and see what others have discovered:

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the main reasons why people should think about triple glazed windows if they have the budget for them. A triple glazed window that is sealed with krypton gas is amazingly up to 85% more energy-efficient than a single glazed window and approximately 40% more energy-efficient than a double glazed window which has been sealed with the very same gas.

Farewell Condensation

All rooms with high humidity are going to be more at risk of getting that awful condensation. If you are in a more traditional home, glass tends to be a lot colder than the room itself, which leads to even further misting up. Fortunately, triple glazing installation in Pinner can effectively assist in eliminating condensation and misted up windows. This is because the panes of glass are separated by a vacuum of gas filled space – this space slows down the variation in temperatures inside the sealed unit, and therefore reduces any likelihood of warm air mixing with cold glass and forming condensation.

Draught Stopper

As well as keeping the heat on the inside and thus helping with power bills, triple glazing installed by professionals can block any cold air from getting in. This is essential for a comfortable living space at night time or during those colder months. When you install triple glazing there’ll be no more fights over who gets the chair that isn’t by the window! All living areas will become usable whatever the outdoor temperature.

Goodbye Noise Pollution

Actually, double glazing is well known to reduce any background noise, but with another layer this gets to be enhanced even further. That extra bonus layer of glazing will really put a significant reduction in noise pollution. This is wonderful and welcome news for those out there who lives on a busy road, under a flight path or near a railway.

Well, that should give you some idea about what triple glazing is all about!

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