Stop Damage by Rats with a New, Safe Repellent Method


When people think of pest damage, they usually envision a business or abandoned building being infested by rats, mice, or other pests such as roaches and termites. But they may not think about the damage that pests such as rats can do to other possessions and property including homes, machines, and even cars.

People spend a lot of money on repellents, traps, and poisons, often to no effect. In some cases, when you use poison, it ends up harming another animal, the wrong animal. But you don’t have to take this chance if you want to create a rodent-free zone. You just need to employ a new technique with an innovative rat repellent for your car, garage, or workplace that works better than poison.

Don’t Believe the Myth

It may be good to start by destroying a myth about rats. They are not solitary creatures and they generally don’t damage property because they’re vicious. They’ll chew on car upholstery and machinery wires and attack food supplies for a different reason. They like being together and even like the company of humans. They chew so much because they have to use their teeth to keep those teeth from growing out of control.

If they don’t wear them down by using them, the length of those teeth will keep them from eating. They also chew to get to food or shelter. Whatever the reason, rats cause a lot of damage. But you can stop this with a rat-deterrent mat. If you think there is damage to your car caused by these pests, look closely at wires and upholstery. If it seems that these items have been nibbled on and you see droppings in the same area, you should take steps to prevent further damage immediately. Visit to learn more.

You don’t have to use dangerous or expensive equipment to keep rats away from your car or other property. Even a few stray crumbs of food can attract rats to your vehicle. They’ll use wires and upholstery to sharpen and shorten their teeth once they’re in the car. Wires can be replaced, of course. So can upholstery. If you invest in repair and replacement, you should take effective steps to keep the damage from occurring again.


A wise man (Benjamin Franklin) once said that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This is certainly a time when you should take this advice to heart. You can use rat-repellent flooring to create a barrier around your car. Rats won’t pass. This is a non-toxic safe method, which separates it from many of the other solutions offered.

Rats are intelligent and will soon find a new source of food. They may choose a sheltered location such as your car or your garage and establish a home. To prevent expensive damage, make sure that your car is clean inside and out. Pay extra attention to the backs of seats and between cushions. It’s also important to make sure there are no holes or other entry points that a rat might find inviting.

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