Tips for Clearing Out Your Drain


The drain pipes leading out of your house are designed to carry all of the wastewater from your house to the municipal sewage lines. The drain pipes are designed to carry semi-solids and wastewater, but a lot of people also throw solid waste down the toilets. Some common things that can get stuck in your drain pipes include:

  • Solid food items
  • Hair
  • Greasy substances

If the water from the toilets does not flush out easily, you might have to clear out the drains yourself, or call a professional. Here are a few tips for drain clearance in Stratford for homeowners.

Go for a Power Wash

The best way to try and clean out the drain pipes is to go for a power wash. You can call any local plumbing company in your area that offers drain clearance services to carry out a power wash that goes through the drains. A power wash might help get rid of all the items that are stuck in the drain pipes in just one go. If that doesn’t work however, you might have to try something else.

Use Acids

The plumber might resort to using harsh acids in order to remove the blockage. The harsh acids are capable of literally melting the items that are blocking the pipes. However, there’s also the risk that the harsh acids may burn a hole through the pipes themselves, so it’s important that you check for leaks once the acid has been passed through the cleared pipes.

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