How to Choose the Perfect Interior Paint Finish?


Even after you have chosen the right color of your room, there is another crucial decision to make: the finishing of the room. With at least five different finishes homeowners can choose from, there are a lot of different options, even if it is a single color. With them, come a lot of questions homeowners will need to answer. The best advice experts can give is to learn the benefits and uses of every finish and know the right one for the job.

The chemistry of home paint finish

Its chemistry determines the glossiness of the paint. Paints with a high gloss have a larger resin ratio and with less PVC or pigment volume concentration. On the other hand, flat paints have a much larger pigment ration and lower resin ration. It explains why painting with a glossier sheen usually requires a second or third coat, while a flatter paint may cover enough using a single layer.

Although property owners are generally content to know that traditional flat paints do not reflect a lot of light and that high-gloss paints reflect more light, the industrial paint industry has certain standards when it comes to categorizing different finishes, based on the amount of light it reflects.

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On the other hand, the wider residential paint industry has six levels of finishes. And they may have different terms for the same finish. For instance, one manufacturer’s gloss sheen may have the same properties as another manufacturer’s high-gloss enamel. All sheens are available in both oil-based or alkyd and latex paints. For a lot of homeowners, latex is the better choice since it offers lower levels of unhealthy and unpleasant fumes, as well as easy cleanup compared to oil-based sheens.

The different types of finishes

Perfect Interior Paint Finish

Every finish has different applications and advantages. Listed below are some benefits and uses of different finishes.

Flat – Wall gloss of flat coat is a type of interior gloss that has entirely matte surface and no shine at all. The surface may have a chalky feel to it. This coat is usually used on ceilings and interior walls. It is useful if you have to cover or camouflage cracks, small wall bumps, and other imperfections that can be highlighted using a finish with a degree of shininess. While there are flat sheens that are advertised by their manufacturers as washable, it is usually more useful to cover marks or scratches by covering with more paint, so make sure that you keep some on hand after finishing the job.

Flat enamel or matte – This type of sheen has a durable flat and matte finish, but the paint’s chemistry forms a slight film as it dries. It is an acceptable choice for interior paint sheens for your home, guest bedrooms, or powder rooms, as it holds up when it comes to occasional cleaning. Some manufacturers market their flat enamel as matte paint to distinguish them from their other flat-finished sheens.

Eggshell – Picture out the low sheen of an eggshell, and you will have a good idea of how the finish of eggshell paint looks like. It is suitable for walls and will hold up better to cleaning compared to flat enamel or flat coat with only a small hint of gloss or shine. These types of finishes are usually a popular choice for walls among family houses since it combines the ability to hide significant flaws in the wall and excellent washability.

Satin – This type of coating has a smooth and velvety look with a little bit of gloss. It is usually used for ceilings, trim, doors, or windows, but this type of finishes can also be used for walls. It is suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, kid’s room walls, or in places that get a lot of traffic. Paints with satin tomes are formulated to hold up to light scrubbing or cleaning in general.

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Glossy or high-gloss – This type of sheen has an almost reflective quality as its shiny finish. It mimics the look of plastic or enamel. Although it is not widely used in house interiors, it is starting to become more accessible for a dramatic look at trim, furniture, or furniture in a formal and contemporary setting. This kind of finish will magnify any types of surface imperfections, that is why sanding and careful preparation is critical before using a high-gloss sheen.

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