How to Avoid Major and Expensive Decorating Mistakes


We learn from our mistakes. However, mistakes involving a lot of money, like decoration and redecoration mistakes shouldn’t have a place in your budget. So, if you are skeptical about decorating your home, and you don’t wish to hire an interior décor specialist, you are in the right place.

This article will give you the confidence to create your dream home professionally. Since it doesn’t pay as much working as a tutor in French, this article will outline decorating mistakes to avoid, and how to save money.

  • Buying furniture before measuring your space

What happens when the beautiful sectional furniture from the showroom doesn’t fit your space?

Most of the time, we spot great furniture in the showrooms, fall in love with them, and we trust our eyes and brains when they tell us that the showroom is as small as our homes. Unfortunately, the design of showrooms isn’t as it is. The lighting affects our judgment, and our homes could be too small.

To avoid spending money on furniture that doesn’t fit your space, take measurements of the space you are shopping for, especially when buying major pieces. Take the measurements to the furniture store and stick to them.

  • Always choose the paint first

I think I need to decide on the color of the paint first. If you feel that you should stop the decoration process until you have settled on the color of the walls, you are doing something wrong, and you are wasting money.

Choosing the color of the paint should be the last thing you do after you select the colors of the essential fabrics furnishings like the pillows, rugs, upholstery, and the tapestries. You can pick a coordinating color from a deck of paint chips.

Note that choosing the colors of the fabrics you love after you commit to a color scheme is always tough and you may have to pick the color of fabrics you don’t like, or, you may have to repaint the house.

  • Failing to make a bold choice

In design, you have to take risks. While design risks are scary for fear of failing, you can easily control the dramatic change through layering with breezy and light pieces.

  • Shopping in one store

A big mistake especially by loyal customers, or individuals who are too busy to window shop. Buying furniture from one store may earn you a good discount but, it may leave you with less than interesting pieces. Visit different boutiques and online stores to get your preferred style of furniture or the period you are looking for.

  • Buying a whole set

One stop shopping seems easy but, if you want to create an interesting style in your home, then you should consider mixing and matching items with perfectly coordinated designs.

You could pick different elements like color, materials, tufting, leg styles, design periods, and lines.

  • Making everything bold

Sounds like a daring move but, making everything bold. You don’t want to be a showstopper. Therefore, have few bold pieces to form the focal point and then add simple pieces to create balance.

For bright artworks and fabrics, have beautiful but simple rugs or upholstery.

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