How to Prepare A Garden For Selling A House


When it comes to selling a house, gardens can make a big impression on buyers. This is particularly true if you are attempting to sell your property during the summer, as buyers will want to see a garden full of life, where they can imagine themselves relaxing, playing with the kids, or hosting friends. We got a few tips from Zoom Property Buyer about what works for them.

If you want to sell a house fast and for a fair price, make sure you prepare your garden before inviting buyers over to view the property. There are a few key things to bear in mind when preparing your garden for a sale:

  1. The Lawn

Mow the lawn. Buyers want to see neat, manicured lawns, not thickets you can get lost in. Fire up the mower and cut the grass in straight lines to a fairly low level. Once complete, take an edging tool and cut straight edges around your lawn. This simple task can have a big impact on how your garden in perceived. Short, neat looking grass, with clearly defined edges will help you make a fast house sale.

  1. Patio

If you don’t already have one, then borrow or rent a jet-washer and give your patio a proper going over. This can be a very satisfying job as you watch the patio’s true colour emerge from under the darkness. Once you’ve cleaned off all that muck and filth that has accumulated over the years, be sure to remove any weeds from between the cracks.

  1. Garden Furniture

If you have a set of chairs and table for the garden then set them up before a buyer arrives. Make the garden feel used and lived in by setting up the table with an attractive cloth, a bottle of wine and some glasses, and a plate of something tasty. This will help buyers imagine themselves enjoying your garden (with its neat lawn) and relaxing on summer’s evenings.

  1. Garden Lights

If you are expecting viewings in the evening, make sure you have enough lights in your garden. Sensor controlled lighting at the front and back of the house are a must, otherwise buyers will not get a good view of the building. It is also advisable to put some tasteful string lighting on a tree, or along a garden fence or wall. This will give the garden a cosy feeling during the evening.

  1. Bins and Toys

Remove children’s toys from the garden, along with dog toys, and do your best to get the bins out of sight, or at the very least stored neatly against a wall. Larger toys, such a trampoline or swing set, can be left in sight if in good condition. If you are willing to let these go, you could decided to inform the buyer that they can be included in the price.

  1. Potted Plants

If your garden is lacking colour, purchase a few potted plants from your local garden centre. Placing these on the patio and around the front door can make the house feel alive and well looked after, helping you to sell your house for the price you want.

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