A kitchen backsplash is the best surface for you to experiment with different tile designs and colors. A change in the backsplash can help bring the room together, or create a little pop in a dull kitchen. It can even help bring some sense of quiet into a busy room or make a quiet room into a vibrant area. Regardless of the type of kitchen you have, your kitchen can benefit significantly from any of the following backsplash tile ideas.

  1. Palm-beach themed backsplash

This idyllic backsplash is perfect for your kitchen if the room is visible from other areas of the house such as the living room. It would be very wrong to have a basic backsplash when someone can see the kitchen from another room. In such instances, the backsplash needs to be eye-catching, and it needs to draw the observer’s attention into the kitchen.

The best tiles for this backsplash theme will be Moroccan tiles. They help evoke a sensual, beach feel. They also go perfectly with oak cabinets.

  1. Crackled backsplash

The crackled ceramic backsplash is a unique twist on ordinary subway tiles. Glazing the tiles with a minimalist color such as pale blue will help bring depth to your kitchen’s ambience. A pale blue crackled ceramic backsplash will go along perfectly with a black and gold theme in the kitchen. You can have a mix and match of the black and gold throughout your kitchen décor, and then install this backsplash to really tie the room together.

  1. Professional steel backsplash

Even stainless steel can be considered chic if done correctly. A lot of oil splatter occurs in the kitchen, and for some of us, those spots on the wall are just too much to bear. A stainless steel/terra-cotta tile combo for the backsplash might be just what you need to help fight these stubborn stains. The terra-cotta tile will help bring an organic feel to the whole backsplash while the stainless steel (preferably behind the range) helps give the cooking area a professional look.

  1. Windows in glass backsplash

If you find maritime affairs to be alluring, then you can use this as a kitchen tiles inspiration for your backsplash. A unique idea would be to have glass tiles on the backsplash, and then set windows on them. The windows need to look like the ones found in ordinary ships, so they need to be circular in shape. If you were looking for that maritime, nautical feel in your home, then this would be the best backsplash for your kitchen.

  1. Dark grout backsplash

The city life is alluring for many people. If you are one of them, here is one way of bringing the city into your kitchen. You can install white tiles with dark grout on your backsplash or on your walls. The contrast between the lightness of the tiles and the darkness of the grout lines will help evoke the city life imagery.

  1. Extended backsplash

This tile idea is for those homeowners who want to make a profound statement about their kitchen and their tastes using the backsplash. Choose whatever type of tile you like, and instead of just doing a backsplash, you can extend the tile layout all the way to the ceiling. It is more dramatic this way, and more impactful on anyone who walks into your kitchen. However, you need to ensure that the tile you choose is pleasant to the eye, and goes well with the rest of the kitchen. You want an extended backsplash to be striking, but you do not want it to look out of place. Everything should tie in well including the extended backsplash.

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