Basic Tips for Carpet Cleaning


Carpets are very commonly found in houses throughout the globe. Carpets have been around for thousands of years, with archaeologists finding woollen variants dating as far back as the 4th century B.C. Most of the handcrafted carpets originated in Persia, and initially could only be afforded by the nobles and the kings. However, as the art of handcrafting began to grow, the concepts of demand and supply took over and carpets became more and more popular. Carpets are quite affordable nowadays, especially the machine-made variants. However, while they look very good, one of the biggest issues is how to keep the carpets clean. Here are a few tips for carpet cleaning for frustrated homeowners.

Get Them Dry Cleaned

It’s essential that you get the carpets dry cleaned at least once a year. The woollen fabric is perfect for trapping micro-organisms and bacteria, thus creating a potential health hazard. While you can use conventional off-the-shelf cleaning tools, it’s much better to get the carpets dry cleaned for your satisfaction. There are many local shops that offer carpet cleaning in Bromley, so just spend a little time evaluating your options. You can ask for quotes from different companies about how much it would cost to get the carpets dry cleaned. Usually, the costs depend upon the size of the carpet. The company can also handle pick-up and delivery at an additional price.

How to Clean Stains

If you drop a coloured liquid onto your carpets, you should know how to clean the stains and contain it. Many people simply take a piece of fabric and start rubbing it on the carpet, which is a bad idea. Instead, use a clean piece of cloth to gently blot the stains so it doesn’t spread and is absorbed by the piece of cloth.

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