What to Do If Your Key Breaks in the Lock


When you break your key in a door lock, do not try to retrieve it. Instead, call a locksmith to help you. Unfortunately, some locksmith customers think that they can still open their door if they simply insert the remainder of their broken key.

Keep Your Half of the Broken Key in Your Pocket or another Safe Spot

However, when they make this attempt, they cause the broken part of the key to move further inside the lock. Instead, it is better to place the section of broken key that is in your possession inside your pocket. Hold onto this piece whilst you call the locksmith.

Do Not Use a Tweezers

In order to get to the broken part inside the lock, some people may try to use a tweezers. However, this instrument is often improperly sized and therefore merely pushes the broken key back inside the lock. If you want to see success when using a tweezers for this purpose, part of the key must be protruding out of the key hole. Again, for most people, it is better to wait on a Lewisham locksmith to retrieve the other part of their broken key.

Never Use Super Glue

Should you want to try a more professional solution, you might try a broken key extractor. Many locksmiths use this tool, which helps them greatly in their job. A jigsaw blade is also often used to grab a broken key, as is super glue. Whilst super glue seems to be rather counterproductive, it often is used, even if the failure rate far surpasses the success rate. However, too much of the sticky substance can harm the locking mechanism and lock. So, if you are tempted to use this approach, stop yourself immediately.

If you do choose to attempt to pull the key out yourself, make sure you do not rush. If you do not want to turn a bad experience into an ordeal, then you need to wait for a professional. Allow him or her to handle pulling the broken key out of the lock, as well as take care of re-keying your door.

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