Does Your Home’s Interior Need a Makeover


You may not realise, it but having old paint on walls tends to date an interior. So, before you decide on an interior makeover, concentrate on the looks of your walls first. Adding primer and a couple coats of paint can do a great deal to revitalise a home’s interior.

Once you improve the look of your walls, you can focus on other areas of the décor. Therefore, you may also want to update the lighting. This type of update is indeed cost-effective, as it freshens the look of an interior and gives it a more pleasant tone.

Talk to a Professional Interior Painting and Decorating Contractor

Making a decision on an upgrade can be made easier when the walls are newly painted or wallpapered.  Falkirk painters and decorators handle bespoke decorating services for clients, which includes painting, paper hanging, plastering, wood staining, and varnishing. Services also extend to adding new plasterboard sheeting, applying wide vinyl wallpapering, and stripping paints and wallpaper.

You May Want to Apply Wallpaper Instead of Paint

If you would rather have wallpaper applied to your walls, you can choose from wallpapers that are vinyl coated with PVC or from fabric wallpapers that are finished with vinyl. Wallpapers also come in paper, solid vinyl, and fabric-backed vinyl designs.

The Top Features of a Wallpaper Covering

If you elect to add wallpaper to your home or office, it is helpful to know some of the product’s attributes. These characteristics are noted by a decorative top layer, a mid- or intermediate layer, and a backing, often referred to as a substrate.

Whether you have a living space painted or wallpapered, you need to be aware of the coating or paper’s composition before you make a final buying decision. Your purchase decision will be contingent on a product’s quality, colour, and overall use.

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