Protecting Your Place of Business: The Importance of Gutter Cleaning


Regardless of whether you happen to own a quaint residential home or bustling commercial business, it’s worth noting that your gutters play an integral role in terms of reinforcing your building’s structural integrity, not to mention the fact that they tend to incite a myriad of issues when left unattended for long periods of time. If you need some advice on maintaining your home then the Readers Digest has lots of useful information on their website.

Why Are Gutters So Vital?

Many people avoid the task of gutter maintenance because it falls into the proverbial category of being out of sight and out of mind; they are angled towards the sky and connected to the uppermost fascia of your roof, which means that you’ll need a ladder or lift to access your gutter network.

However, your gutters represent a potential bomb above your head when left unkempt for months on end, meaning that a seemingly minor annoyance can quickly turn into a nightmare:

  • As sticks, leaves, and debris collect in the channels, it won’t take long for the ridgeline of your roof to become a swampy, mould-ridden mess. This excess moisture will eventually begin rotting and degrading the gutter framework as well as your roof; once it reaches the interior of your fascia, you’ll be looking at a sizeable repair and replacement bill.
  • Obstructed gutters create the perfect home for various creepy-crawlies and critters such as mosquitoes, birds, beetles, and even termites. Allowing these unwelcome guests to thrive and proliferate throughout your roofing structure will ultimately create the need for a full-scale extermination and cleanup.
  • If your gutters are clogged to the point of being unable to provide effective drainage, water will begin spilling over the edges and seeping into the foundation of your property. This is particularly troublesome during the wintertime as the water will freeze, expand, and generate cracks within your groundwork.
  • Congested gutters can be up to five times heavier than clean ones and this extra load will cause your brackets, struts, and supports to give way and perhaps rip off a part of your roof when the network inevitably comes crashing down.

How Often Should I Clean the Gutters?

Contrary to popular belief, your gutters should be cleaned approximately once every three to five months depending upon the number of trees in the surrounding area. In high-yield areas with year-round leaf fall, it’s in your best interests to make it a monthly exercise.

However, if you’d like to avoid climbing up rickety ladders and quavering in the wind while you attempt to stab and poke at your compacted gutters, you’ll be best served by reaching out to a professional roofing firm in the area, ideally one that specialises in industrial maintenance.

How Can an Industrial Maintenance Firm Help?

If you’re looking gutter cleaning in Luton, for instance, it’s important to note that the best-rated firms are able to provide a wide range of roof-related services:

  • Comprehensive gutter maintenance, repairs, and installations
  • Application of waterproof gutter-lining provisions that can be moulded to fit any type of drainage profile
  • Installation of highly durable gutter screens
  • Industrial roofing and cladding installations
  • Planned maintenance and upkeep schedules
  • Implementation of roof lights and alternative overhead features
  • Fully licensed and trained roofing contractors who can perform large-scale refurbishments and repairs

If you don’t have an in-house team of roofing specialists who can provide consistent upkeep on a year-round basis, feel free to contact a renowned local firm for a fee-free site visit and quote.

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