Why is Double Glazing Still so Amazingly Popular


OK, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that double equals two panes of glass instead of the one! And anyone with them fitted will tell you that having an extra pane, will efficiently boost effectiveness and see a huge reduction in noise pollution.

Simply ask anyone who has double glazing installed, and they will inform you of the significant improvement it has over single glazing.

The Reason for Double Glazing

  • Well, as a matter of fact, there are a number of reasons to choose double glazed windows for those living in Glasgow area homes.
  • The major reason why many good folk don’t check out this great option is due to the fact that they somehow have been led to believe that the expenses are way too high.

So, let’s look more into why double glazed windows are a superb asset for anybody who lives in beautiful Scotland and find out what others have discovered:

Efficiency in Terms of Energy

  • Energy efficiency is perhaps the number one reasons why most people consider and fit their homes out with double glazing in Glasgow.
  • A double glazed window that has been sealed with krypton gas is startlingly up to 85% more energy-efficient than a single glazed window!

A Big Goodbye to That awful Condensation

  • Every room that has high humidity is going to be definitely at risk of getting that tiresome condensation.
  • And should you be in a more traditional type of home, the glass will tend to be colder than the room itself, which then leads to even more misting up.
  • Luckily, double glazing installation in Glasgow will effectively help in eradicating any condensation and misted up windows.
  • This will happen due to the panes of the glass being separated by a vacuum of gas filled space, which slows down the variation in different temperatures inside of the sealed unit, and thus reduces any chance of warm air combining with cold glass and creating any condensation.

Draughts Begone!

  • Along with the benefit of making sure that the heat remains on the inside which helps with energy bills, double glazing which is expertly fitted will block out any cold air from getting in.
  • This is of the essence for a cosy, comfortable living space during the night time and those colder months.
  • After having double glazing installed, you’ll not be having any more fights over who gets that chair which isn’t next to the window!
  • All living space will ultimately become usable no matter what the outside temperature.

A Farewell to Noise Pollution

  • If you haven’t heard (no pun intended) double glazing is well renowned in reducing background noises.
  • This nice extra bonus layer of glazing really does put a significant reduction from outside noise pollution.
  • And what wonderful news that is for those good folks out there who live nearby a busy road, under flight paths or close by a railway line.

And there you have it! That should clearly give you some idea about the benefits of double glazing!

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