Personalize your home with an antique fireplace


Your home is your tranquility oasis. It is your personal retreat, the place where the rest of the world is shut out and there no one else to care about but yourself and your family. When it comes to your home nothing is more important than creating a personalized space which is comfortable and peaceful. And one way to create a soothing room and corner in your house is by installing a fireplace inside. By choosing to have an antique fireplace you get the comfort and a little extra, elegance.

Antique fireplaces in London

If you are wondering where you can find the best fireplace for your home in the London area, you should definitely visit the Thornhill Galleries, in Wellington Crescent and discover over 350 antique fireplaces and reproduction fireplaces from various époques. From Gothic to Regency, from Renaissance to Rococo and many more, the superb mantelpieces are suitable and worthy of any comfortable and stylish home.

Due to its experience of over 100 years, the craftsmanship and talent of the employees and the passion towards high quality fireplaces, the Thornhill Galleries only provide the most dashing and luxurious fireplaces. And all of them are unique, helping you to truly create a personalized, one of a kind home.

Their expertise is widely renowned and their products highly appreciated. They are the go to source for home owners all across London, UK and the entire world. It is no wonder Thornhill Galleries of Wellington Crescent, New Malden, London makes it their mission to find, restore, craft and sell only the best, most luxuriant antique fireplaces.

Such an item is nothing short of style. It helps you create such an impeccable interior design, you won’t be able to leave your home. And that is exactly how you should feel about your own place. Whether a house or an apartment, by creating a personalized and unique space you will fall in love over and over again with it, you will adore it.

When it comes to customizing your home, you can leave your print on anything, from colors to furniture, from curtains to photo frames. And you can also do it by selecting a stylish fireplace to install in one of your rooms. It will help you create a cozy feeling for family gatherings or special moments in two. As a fireplace helps improve the décor of your home and also makes it warmer and comfortable.

So don’t hesitate to take advantage of the aspect an antique fireplace can give your place. It will enhance its visual aspect, it will create a soothing space for your heart and soul and it will provide you with warmth. Such an item is never outdated and it helps to create that special, unique space you call home.

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