What You Should Know Before Buying Vertical Blinds


There is an endless array of window furnishings available on the market, and each different type can be made to suit a variety of purposes. It’s essential to weigh your options with each style before deciding on one. As such, we discuss what you should know about vertical blinds to help you decide if they are the correct purchase for your needs.

Why go vertical?

An easy addition to both homes and commercial areas, vertical blinds add an elegant and dramatic look to a room. In addition, the overlapping slats create the perfect barrier against the heat of the sun in summer and offer much better insulation for your home in the winter as compared to horizontal blinds.

Particularly suited for larger windows or sliding glass doors, they are the most versatile window covering in the market and can be easily customized to suit all needs.

Advantages of Vertical Blinds

  • Low maintenance

Made up of individual vertical slats that run along a track, vertical blinds collect less dust and are easier to clean compared to horizontal ones. Cleaning can depend on the material of the blinds you have; fabric ones can be easily taken down to be washed and dried, while any other material can simply be wiped down with a cloth or dusted.

  • Easily adjustable

These blinds can be customized to suit your needs, no matter the size of your window or door. Allowing for a complete 180-degree rotation of the blades, the intensity and amount of light let through can be adjusted to suit the occasion. And as a highly versatile product, blades can be stacked to one side or drawn out from the center depending on the style and amount of privacy you want.

Due to their vertical nature, these blinds are also easier and faster to control as you can draw them to the side instead of being lifted and lowered. These can either be controlled by wands or cords, with the option to opt for automated blinds controlled via a wireless remote – promising much more convenience!

  • High-Quality Yet Affordable

Vertical blinds can be made with different materials ranging from wood to fabric, and the type you choose can depend on which room the blinds are intended for. For example, aluminum ones would be a good decision for a living room given that it is perfect for keeping the light out and getting rid of excessive warmth to keep the area nice and cool. In comparison, vinyl is unaffected by moisture and easy to clean, making them perfect for bathrooms or kitchens.

Finally, these blinds are much more affordable as compared to other window treatment options like roller blinds or curtains, but still, ensure the best quality for years to come.

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