Why Rubber Bond Roofing is an Outstanding Roofing Solution


All buildings, regardless of whether they are residential or commercial in nature, need effective roofing solutions in order to function well. Although it may not be one of the most common roofing solutions in the UK, Rubberbond roofing, is well used around the world, especially on commercial buildings and period roof renovations.

It is commonly agreed that rubber bond roofing surrey is one of the best all-round roofing options available. The reason for this is simple; few other roofing materials are as robust, attractive and environmentally friendly.

High durability, low maintenance

One of the principal benefits of rubberbond roofing Surrey is that it is a self-healing material i.e. it can recover itself over time if it is scratched. This, along with its high resistance to corrosion, meaning rubber bond roofing requires really very little maintenance.RubberBond is only installed by independent approved contractors and comes with a 20-year guarantee. It repeals all moisture and does not suffer from cracking.

Versatile and aesthetically pleasing

Another great advantage of rubber band roofing is that it can be formed into interesting shapes and curves whilst retaining its durable qualities (architects love this). It has more to offer in terms of versatility and aesthetic appeal than most other roofing solutions. This, in turn, ensures rubberband roofing surrey is not just an ideal option for the main body of a roof, it is also perfect for forming flashing around chimneys and dormer windows. Rubber bond roofing looks good on day one but also stays looking good even after many years.

Environmentally friendly

Rubberbond is a completely recyclable material so any building with a rubber-based roof is more than able to ‘give something back’ to the planet once the structure’s natural shelf-life comes to an end. Indeed, many manufacturers proudly claim that their roofing panels will last for more than a century when installing in a standard environment (this is roughly three to four times longer than either a steel or concrete tiled roof).


Needless to say, those looking to invest in a rubber bond roof will only get to enjoy the wide array of aforementioned benefits fully if they use highly skilled expert roofing specialists to supply and install it for them. As well as protecting a home or commercial building from all manner of inclement weather, a rubber bond roof fitted by genuine artisans will effortlessly provide an aesthetically pleasing finish for a lifetime (or longer) so opting for the best services available is definitely the best approach for potential customers to take.

In short, these are some of the reasons why Rubber Bond roofing is an outstanding roofing solution for residential as well as commercial buildings.

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