Urban Construction – A Safe Screening Solution


City and town construction projects must be both safe and secure, and often the general public is in close proximity, and temporary fencing must be erected. On large projects, it might be necessary to fence off the entire perimeter, for safety and security reasons, and rather than involve their own heavily pressed workers, the site manager would call in a temporary fencing specialist.

Strict Health and Safety Regulations

Building anything nowadays involves a high level of safety practices that must be in place prior to starting the work, and that would include adequate fencing to keep people away from potentially dangerous zones where people are working on the upper floors. If you are running a large city building project in Yorkshire, for example, there are affordable basic fence panels in Bradford for both short and long term hire, and with a fast and efficient service, you can forget about the fencing and focus on other areas of the project. Before the work could commence, the local authority would send an inspector, and it would be their job to ensure that all the safety regulations are met. It would be very costly if things were held up due to inadequate fencing, but if you dealt with a reliable temporary fencing supplier, your site would soon get the green light and work can begin.

Roadside Projects

Often, a building situated next to a busy road is to be renovated, and with pedestrians and cars passing all the time, you must create a barrier that is at least 6 foot from the site perimeter, and you would also need gate panels to allow the workers access. Nets would be rigged just above head height to catch any falling debris, and with signs in the right places, the public are protected and have ample space to pass the site without being in any danger.

Portable and Easy to Assemble

The fencing supplier would assemble and dismantle the fencing, but should it need to be moved for any reason, it is only held together by small, removable clips, and because it is connectable, you can create any shape. Your employees have enough to do as it is without the hassle of dismantling heavy fencing panels and the reassembling them in another location, but with modern solutions, it won’t take a minute.

Solid Foundation

Stability is critical for such fencing, and the design is such that when the fencing is mounted into the thick rubber footpads, it provides a stable foundation, and with rear positioned stabilisers, a falling person would not dislodge the fencing.

Long or Short Term Rental

Whether you required the fencing for a few days or a few months, a reputable supplier would have reasonable rental rates, and would tailor the hire to suit. With delivery, assembly and collection all included in the rental agreement, you can sit back and relax, knowing the fencing will be there when you need it, and once it is no longer required, the hire company would come and take it away.

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