Plant Hire – The Small Builder’s Lifeline


The local builder would typically be a family owned business, one that has been handed down from father to son for many generations, and with a good name in the area, they would have many fine examples of previous projects, and the emphasis would be on quality. In order for the local builder to carry out his work, he would require several essential services, and one of those is plant hire.

Plant for Hire

Plant hire companies supply heavy equipment to the construction industry and also for many civil engineering projects, and without this service, they would not be able to meet their deadlines. Not only would you be able to hire excavators and other heavy machinery, you can also rent site offices and toilet facilities. Every site needs an office for the site manager, and the workers require restrooms, as well as secure lockable units for tools and materials. A builder might require several items, and whether it is portable toilet for hire in Leeds, or dumpers in Bradford, the builder can easily source a plant hire company using the Internet.

Good Working Relationship

It would be essential for the builder to have a good working relationship with his plant hire partner, as quite often, a piece of equipment is needed at very short notice, and with reliable delivery and collection, and good support services, the builder can keep to his deadlines.

Earthmoving Equipment

The start of the contract would usually involve ground clearance and possibly even demolition, and the plant hire company would have excavators and tipper trucks, which make short work of ground clearing, and with experienced operators, you certainly get value for money.

Compressors and Generators

Many of the heavy tools used in construction are powered by compressed air and a modern plant hire company would have a range air compressors, as well as generators, which are needed because many sites have yet to be connected to the grid, and without a generator, there would be no power.

Site Buildings

The site manager must have an office, and the workforce would need a restroom, a secure unit to store tools and materials, and of course, portable toilets. All of these can be sourced from a plant hire company, and with an extensive inventory of equipment and a large fleet of delivery vehicles, even a large builder would be catered for.


These are usually required at the end of the contract, when the tarmac is laid and the project is to be connected to the adjoining street. There is a range of sizes and it is necessary to roll tarmac and asphalt to compress the material before it goes hard. These rollers would be loaded onto a flatbed truck and transported to the site, and with experienced operators, it doesn’t take long to complete the job.

Some plant hire companies will rent out the machine and the customer proves their own operator, but most prefer to supply the operator as well as the machine.

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