The Importance of Good Pump Station Design and Installation


Pumping stations are required for many industrial or civil projects and by far the most important aspect of creating a pump station is the initial design. One must first consider the volumes of water that are to be removed, and then add some, which will ensure that the pump station can handle a higher volume than is expected. Every large construction would require a sewage network, which would be adopted by the local water authority, who have very high standards.

Comprehensive Service

There are specialised companies that design, build and install pump stations for a range of industries, and they are used to working with the project manager to ensure a smooth installation. This type of company would have considerable experience in the design and build of adoptable pump stations for a range of environments. There are companies with many years of experience in dealing with local authorities, which means they are well-versed in the adoption procedure and can facilitate the process effectively.


The pump house must be designed to allow for ease of movement, as the maintenance team need to have access to every component, and with safety in mind, all the necessary accessories would have to be incorporated into the design.  It might be a small single pump station, in which case, a lot of equipment must fit into a small area, and this would be a focus of the design team.

Best Quality Components

The pumps and other components must be of the highest quality as they will have to work continuously, and any large pump station builder would only use the best brands and would likely have an affiliation with pump manufacturers.

The Adoption Process

This involves having the sewer system and pump station adopted by the local authority, and the installation company would handle this. Of course, the system would have to meet certain standards, but the company that designed and installed the system would be well-versed in local authority regulations.

Industry Approved

If a company is approved in the water industry, then they must have a good track record, and if their designs were not up to scratch, they would not have reached this point. It is essential to use only very established companies, as they would have the resources to complete a large project.

The Installation

Once the designs have been approved, the various components and materials would be prepared and according to the schedule, the installation process would begin. This is a critical stage and only experienced technicians can successfully install a pump station, and with their expertise and hands-on experience, the project will be completed to schedule.

Drainage pumps have to handle very high volumes of water at times, and this must be taken into account when designing the pump station. As a general rule, it is always best to add to the estimated maximum volume of water, in order to be sure the pump(s) can deal with any situation, such as a heavy storm.

If a pumping station is well designed, it will be able to perform as it was intended, and with regular maintenance, the system will be able to perform indefinitely.

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