What to Seek in a Removal Company


When you are ready to move house, you want to make sure that the removal company you choose is equipped to easily handle your move. Therefore, you want to be sure that you partner with a company that has a good reputation locally and features a full array of service offerings.

What Specific Services Does the Company Offer?

For example, not only should a company handle commercial and residential removals but it should also provide storage, packing, and cleaning services. All these amenities should be built into the package. When you have more flexibility in this regard, you will also experience a less-stressful removal.

Making a Move More Flexible

So, when you are selecting a removal company, see if the contractor goes the extra distance in providing a satisfying removal experience overall. Companies that are devoted to moving house or handling office removals should offer a number of packing or storage options, for instance. These amenities should include bubble wrap for fine dishes or weather-safe and temperature-controlled storage.

Are You Both on the Same Page?

Also, when you select a company, make sure that that they will fully cooperate in the removal. That means that the mover should place each box or piece of furniture in the space where it should go. Packing is of primary importance as well.

Take a Look at Your Inventory

For example, professional movers in Stamford can handle all types of packing including the packing of such items as lamps, cutlery, glassware, fish tanks, fine arts, and antiques. Also, check to make sure that all the packaging materials are in place. Take a look at your inventory and see what type of packing materials will be required.

Moving Boxes

That means that you should have thick and durable removal boxes, preferably in two sizes. Whilst standard boxes are ideal for smaller items such as files and books, larger boxes are better for packing less weighty materials. Just make sure that any moving box is not loaded past about 15 kilograms. If the boxes are too heavy, you will need to hire a trolley.

Wraps Used for Packing

Other packing materials that should be used for your removal are clear stretch wrap and the aforementioned bubble wrap. These two removal staples should be used to pack fragile and delicate belongings. Try not to pop the bubble wrap, though, as you will reduce its efficiency.

Wardrobe Cartons

Do you have several items of apparel that need to be moved but must be left hanging? Then you need to make sure that you obtain wardrobe cartons to make transportability easier. These types of cartons feature a rail made of metal that will hold the hangers and the clothes.

Making Contact with a Removal Contractor: Scheduling the Work

When you choose a removal company, think about the services that you need and how you wish to schedule them. Besides assisting with regular packing and moving, a good company will also collect and deliver your furniture and provide such specialised services as end-of-tenancy cleaning. Discuss your needs today so that an itinerary can be followed.


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