Tips For Cooling Your Garden In Summer Heat


Here are five tips to keep your garden cool, watered, alive and healthy in this steamy summer season.

1. Don’t overwater your plants

Try to be well-informed for what your plant’s watering necessities are, as well as how well the soil can retain water and nutrients. Monitoring how quickly the soil dries out in the summer heat, then scheduling waterings accordingly.

2. Keep you container cool and moist

Use several inches of mulch on top of the soil in your pots to maintain soil moisture and keep the temperatures of your soil low. Try to keep your containers in the shade during the hot afternoon hours. Get detailed information about the most effective method to take care of your plants in extreme weather conditions, on this website:

3. Clean all containers

On the note of potted plants, many times the hot summer sun will put stress on the plants, which can make the plants more prone to pests and disease. Diseases can survive in a pot from one season to the next, so cleaning your pots and containers between uses is important to get rid of any diseases. Cleaning all containers is a good idea. For terracotta pots, bake them in your oven at 225F (~100C) for an hour. Be sure to let them settle to room temperature before planting them again.

4. Manage the sunlight

The simplest way to keep your plants cool is to manage the sunlight that hits them. You can do this through strategic planting under trees, decks, or whatever else may create shade in your garden. You can also create your own shade in your garden with sheets, tarps, or patio umbrellas.

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