How to Manage a Cracked Glass Door


If you a glass door in your home has been smashed, cracked or damaged, it is important to contain the problem before it gets any worse. Eventually, you’ll have to call a replacement specialist, but in the meantime, there are several ways you can temporarily fix the glass pane, so it doesn’t progress and completely shatter.

Here are some excellent tips to consider when looking after a cracked glass door in your home.

Temporary Fix

  • Supporting the Glass

If one of your glass doors has been cracked in your Australian home, it is important that you attend to the problem rather than brushing it aside for another day. The moment you notice that a glass door is damaged in your property, you should call a specialist to see what needs to be done before they arrive to assess the problem. There are numerous first-class companies in Perth offering glass repairs and replacements for both domestic and commercial businesses.

  • You must put masking tape over each side of the crack to stop it from spreading, this helps to contain the damage and keeps the area more stable.
  • If you have any nail polish around the house, you can use it to clean around the crack before applying an adhesive glue. You should use a recognised brand that is designed to work on glass, this reinforces the pane, offering it additional support. The crack won’t spread as easily if you apply a strong, sticking product.

Both tips are excellent for supporting your door, the crack shouldn’t progress, and the damage will be contained in one area.

  • Dealing with Extensive Damage

If the crack is substantial and you are noticeably losing heat or cool air through your glass door, you must take steps to seal the glass pane before a professional arrives. There are 2 things you can do to seal the area.

  1. You can visit a local hardware store and purchase a temporary glass sealing kit, they provide cover for your glass pane similar to putting a plastic bag over the hole.
  2. If you can’t visit a local hardware store, or they don’t have any kits available, cover the crack with cardboard or if possible some bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is far more effective as an insulator than cardboard.

Important Things to Remember

If you’ve cracked a glass door panel, it will inevitably need to be replaced, so it is best to stabilise the area before a professional glass installation team can fix the problem. Over time a crack in glass will spread, gradually weakening the structure. Cracked glass can be dangerous, it is always better to replace the pane and fit a new panel.

Having cracked glass in your home can be harmful, especially if you have young children on your premises. It is advisable to contact a specialist and arrange a visit to see what they can do to fix the problem. They’ll be able to provide good advice on whether you should repair the door or replace the pane of glass with a new one.




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