Safety Precautions To Be Considered While Working In An Offshore Oil Rig


No job can actually be considered as the best especially when it comes to the safety of those working around.

Accidents do occur and when they happen, companies or organizations need to learn from that experience and always be on the lookout and ready for when the same happens again. With that being said, offshore oil rig is not an exception.

Therefore, everybody working in there should be aware of any dangers that might occur in their areas of work. The management should also be aware of such dangers and therefore put in place some safety precautions that needs to be followed to prevent them from happening.

Anyway, below are some of the safety precautions you need to take in order to stay safe when working in an offshore oil rig.

  • Machine protection

Well, this might seem to be ridiculous. Like why would you need to protect the machines instead of people? If you have visited an oil rig before, you would have noticed that it is situated many miles away from where people are living.

Sometimes the workers needs to be transported by a helicopter to access the place. This makes the machines to be your lifeline.

Apart from those who you work with, machines also needs to be treated correctly so that they would return the favor otherwise it will be tit for tat which is not always a fair game when it comes to oil rigs.

You should be keen on the way you treat or handle the machines as they can always cause devastating accidents.

  • Lighting

It is always an important thing if you can use some reliable lighting. It’s usually very dark when working and leaving at the rigs.

Whenever the sun sets, when a storm hits or even when the lights inside goes out it becomes a bit difficult to see anything.

Accidents are bound to happen in such an environment especially in the oil rigs where even a small thing can aggravate something and before you know it, you are in big problem.

Installing easy to use, easy to see lighting system that has customized safety signs will help everybody to work better. They also give warnings in case of any danger.

  • Slip proof surfaces

This is usually one of the biggest challenges considering the fact that you are always surrounded by water.

Well, keeping your surfaces slip-proof should be manageable and quite easy to do. Apart from during the rains or in case of a storm, there really shouldn’t be a reason why your floors should remain wet during normal operations even in the offshore oil rig living quarters.

In as much as people out here are looking for jobs, most people will always find it boring when asked to wipe down the place and will most definitely neglect the job. Using sturdy and waterproofed boots might help but not for long if your surfaces are always wet.

  • Safety tool box

Also, make sure you have enough and good repair equipment and a safety tool box almost everywhere. There really isn’t such a thing as having many tool boxes or safety boxes around the oil rig.

Well, these things should be present in any industrial site and rigs needs them even the most. They really do come in handy. If you ever go short of plumbing materials, electrical parts, power tools or even hand tools you can always get them easily from the repair boxes.

After all, you are working on some multibillion dollar project and affording these boxes wouldn’t be that difficult right?

  • Emergency response plan

In every working environment, there must be an emergency plan. This is among most of the safety precautions usually overlooked by many companies and organizations.

You shouldn’t just draw or design a plan and never practice it. First of all, the pan should be developed according to the workflow around focusing on each and every factor.

This will help in making the workers feel much comfortable working on the rig.


In as much as accidents do happen, it is always important to find a way in which you can survive the ordeal.

The idea is usually to keep as many people as possible safe from any looming disasters. You should know the dangers that might arise from the type of work you are doing and always stay ready for when anything happens.

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