How to Improve Team Focus and Flow With the Right Small Office Layout


Company workspace has a huge impact on team productivity, so how the office is designed is crucial to operations. Studies have shown that the physical environment is the most crucial factor that affects the ability of a person to focus, while a well-designed office is known to boost productivity levels by up to 20%.

This is precisely the reason why a lot of companies have begun investing in more ergonomic and staff-friendly office furnishings, with the likes of tech giants Google, Facebook and LinkedIn investing all-out in how their company premises are designed and fitted out.

When cramped in a room with poor lighting and uncomfortable chairs, employees definitely won’t be motivated to do their best every time they work. However, the size of the space is not always the problem; it can just be because the space is not being properly utilized.

So in case you are looking to change-up your work environment to improve productivity and keep your employees happily engaged at work, professional commercial fit-out contractors share ways for businesses to have their small workplace properly set up to enhance team focus:

1. Integrate the right office design elements

To ensure an office layout that guarantees team focus, efficient workflow, and productivity, commercial interior fit-out companies emphasize the addition of these five office design elements.

● Efficient lighting

Lighting is a crucial factor in helping your employees stay focused and inspired. Neglecting this detail can lead to negative effects on the people using the space.

Keep in mind that bad lighting can cause eye strain, irritability, fatigue, and headaches. In more severe cases, dark spaces may trigger depression. As much as possible, aim to boost the brightness and energy in the office by using high-quality LED lights, and opt for those that can mimic sunlight.

With the appropriate lighting all across the workspace, employees can become more engaged and inspired to work productively.

● Office ergonomics

After a long, tiring day at work, it’s common for people to experience aches and pains in their neck, back and shoulders. Some may even suffer from headaches.

Such pain and discomfort can be prevented if ergonomic workstations are brought in for the benefit of your team members.

Make sure that computer screens and desks are set at the right heights and, of course, invest in high-quality ergonomic office chairs. It’s also a good idea to consider providing a space where employees can work while standing. This way, they can choose a setting where they feel comfortable as they go about their daily tasks.

● Color psychology

The dominant color themes presented throughout the office can have a substantial impact on a person’s brain function and mood. This is why it is important for you to opt for hues that evoke an individual’s ability to become more focused and productive.

For example, orange is known to stimulate creativity, while blue can keep your employees calm and organized, especially those in high pressure roles, so you choose your interior colors wisely.

Another way to add a pop of calming color to your workspace is to include a little fresh greenery that will not only freshen up the look of your work area but also clean the air. Practical and low maintenance plants include the golden pothos, spider plant, peace lily and snake plant.

● Storage solutions

Each employee plays a crucial role in the organization, so it’s only fitting that they are provided enough storage space for files, supplies and appliances to make their job a lot easier.

An organized, uncluttered office will always leave a great impression on not just your workers but also your clients.

Today, there are various storage solutions available for small offices to help reduce clutter like custom-built shelves, cupboards, and lockers.

2. Get the office arrangement straightened out

Most traditional offices are set up with no real focus on how work is to be facilitated.

For instance, some offices have the photocopier placed in the supply room (or even a manager’s cubicle) when it can just be placed near a power supply in a centralized location where the people who most frequently use it have better access.

It is crucial for the office setup to function to serve you and your employees based on how you work daily – and not the other way around. So if you spot this problem in your work area, implement ways to streamline the layout of your workspace.

3. Designate a separate space for relaxation and private work

Happy employees are motivated and focused workers.

Employers and business owners must understand that their team members function better when they have ample opportunities to take breaks, socialize with their colleagues, and refuel with food and drink. Employees require space to rest and regroup throughout the day.

This space can serve multiple purposes, such as an informal meeting room and lunch or break areas. It can also be a place where they can ease into for them to rest their eyes from the computer screen, and their backs from the tension of sitting in their office chairs.

It is also important to offer a silent space for private work.

Some people handle disruptions far better than the rest, but a hectic office can make them more stressed and less productive. If an employee needs to take a personal call or perhaps a team needs to focus on a project, they must have a place for these things.

With different workspaces in an office, employees can perform at their best so productivity follows.

Get your small office efficiently set up

Having a comfortable workplace does not necessarily entail having a wide space – even small offices can have designated spaces for various tasks and work styles.

However, having the right small office setup to boost team focus and work productivity is not an easy task.

If you have any difficulty going about this, it is a smart choice to hire a reputable interior design and fit out a company to help you smartly make use of your limited office space.

They know exactly what needs to be done for you to achieve the right office layout that will make your employees happy and productive, and your business successful and thriving.


Shane Curran

CEO at Interact Group LLC

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