Call the Experts for the Finest in Bifold French Doors


Before looking at specific doors for your home or workplace, it might be wise to understand just what a bifold door is and what it does. The word “bifold” indicates that the object folds twice. Folding doors are designed to fold back in panels or sections. The term “bifold” can be a bit misleading if your doors have more than two panels, but the term is still commonly used for this attractive and functional design.

In years past, some people may have referred to this general style as concertina doors, which can be used both internally or externally. Modern bifold doors from the leading manufacturers and suppliers are generally made of aluminium or timber. Most of these doors are glazed, in addition to having their high-quality frames of wood or aluminium.

Opening Width

When a setting calls for a wider opening, the bifold door can be an excellent choice. They generally provide much more pass-through space than conventional, single-panel hinged doors. This allows for physical accessibility, naturally, but with expert glazing these doors can also provide impressive visual accessibility. While folding doors are not a brand-new idea, they are a design that stands the test of time. Bifold doors, especially, have remained extremely popular for families building a new home or when renovation is being planned.

As for bifold French doors, the word “French” adds another concept to the discussion. A French door is usually one of a pair that has glass panes extending for most of the length. Put the bifold design together with the French style and you have the most appealing and practical doors for a variety of locations. Bifold doors can solve the problem that might be presented by standard-hinged doors, because the door panels swing wide for much easier access.

When you work with one of the respected providers of quality doors, you can help create bespoke timber, folding/sliding doors. Choose solid, engineered softwood, hardwood, or oak, with an array of opening configurations available. You can also select a stain finish or a paint finish, even a dual-colour option. Doors can be designed and installed to open inward or outward. Since these are of the French style, you also have a range of glazing choices, including triple glazing and opaque glass as options. Your doors will slide smoothly on a bottom aluminium track.

Intriguing Option

The leading providers in this field also offer excellent bifold doors for the budget-conscious client. You’ll benefit from the high quality in these reasonably priced products. You should consult with a knowledgeable representative if this option sounds attractive to you, because you’ll need to design your opening to fit one of the standing sizes. Doing this can save you a significant amount when compared to bespoke doors.

This style is available in engineered softwood, hardwood, and oak as well, with options for three to seven panels, depending on your desired width. Doors are top-hung with a bottom guided by aluminium track. When you want to include gorgeous bifold doors in your new home or add them to your current home, this is your source.

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