Scaffold towers: A Much Safer Solution to Ladders


A great solution to working at an elevation, scaffold towers are a safe development in security for any kind of above ground work. They can be adjusted to suit the job at hand and provide a solid platform on which you can easily work. No matter what the task, if it is above the ground, the scaffold tower system is a reliable and safe way to get the job done.

This system can be used for a variety of duties which include:

  • House maintenance
  • Painting and decorating
  • Fitting equipment at heights
  • Tree pruning
  • Trimming of hedgerows

How does it operate?

Scaffold tower systems have been designed so that you can perfectly build a section that is suited to all of your needs. The parts are also interchangeable which lets you construct a safe platform for the job at hand. This is vitally important when dealing with uneven ground or a narrow path. Add-ons include things such as castor wheels for simple manoeuvrability. There is also a great selection of podium steps from the experts at Toptower, for a wide range of work at lower elevations in and outside the home.

What are the Scaffold Towers made from?

The usual materials are either aluminium or steel and are designed to provide optimum lightweight strength. They are often used in construction work and provided that the operator follows the safety regulations, they are now considered one of the safest method of working at elevations.

What are the benefits of utilising a scaffold tower?

In the building business, it’s not all about being able to stand and work. Equipment can be somewhat heavy and also bulky and the work strenuous. In such conditions, it is crucial to have a platform available that will not move and you can trust, thereby offering a sound surface from which to work. A lot of companies have changed over from ladders to scaffold towers, as the safety factor is just that much higher.

There are some other reasons:

  • The Tower can be easily adjusted for safe use on uneven ground
  • The four corners are all firmly grounded, unlike two on a traditional ladder
  • The working surface can be adjusted to the perfect height for any job


Tower systems have been developed as a safe alternative to the use of ladders and can be counted on for having prevented an abundance of needless accidents since they arrived on the scene. There are a number of reasons why a tower scaffold is certainly safer than a mere ladder.

  • Four base points on the ground
  • A stable surface for working on
  • Easy manoeuvrability
  • Easily customised


Additional support struts can be fitted to optimize stability for heavy work and they can also be adjusted for sloping or uneven ground. For many people today, ladders are an ancient item of the past.

For any house owner, the scaffold tower system provides a safe way to take on any household job

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