A Quick Note On Carpet And Rug Cleaning


Rugs are always one essential part of interior decoration not only in houses but in offices as well. When you think of laying down a carpet or rug on the floors of your office or house then try to match it with existing interior décor and refer only quality options. As a rug user you must be aware about a few details about rug/carpet cleaning. A heavy footfall on your rug can make it quickly dirty and accumulate many germs or microorganisms on it. This is the reason it is advisable to clean your carpet/rug on regular basis. People think that cleaning them through professionals can be quite expensive but that is not true if you are using reputable professional services.

It is apparent that taking care of your rug and carpets is really necessary if you are a homeowner. It is one accessory in house decoration that very much defines the elegance and cleanliness of the house. If you have a rug in your home then you can understand better that how easily they become dirty which means you have to clean them correctly and may be frequently. There are several different ways to cleaning – commercial rug or carpet cleaning and home remedial solutions. Choosing the right one depends on your requirement and preference. Personally I prefer commercial cleaning as it is quite efficient and remove all the germs and bacteria from my rugs and carpets.

However following tips can help on your carpet cleaning if you do not want to go for commercial service.

DIY tips

  • Make sure the material of your rug/carpet must be either wool/nylon or cotton as they are easy to clean. Even a mix thread work of polyester will also do but it should be of good quality.

  • Whether you have the carpet in office or house make sure you vacuum it efficiently and periodically. For office carpets I will recommend daily vacuum.

  • There are several rug leaning solutions available in the market to buy that you can use in your Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning.

Hire green carpet cleaners

On the other hand for hygienic cleaning you should hire good rug cleaners in your vicinity. Most of the people avoid professional carpet cleaning but it is necessary as it will make your carpet germ free and restore its shine.

Carpet/rug repair service includes:

  • Rug Re-Fringing
  • Carpet Cutting
  • Carpet Binding
  • Carpet Re-Surging

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