Decorating can be fun and a constructive activity and can lend a new touch to your home with the Rustic look


If you are tired with the bland look that your house presents and get up every morning with the “not again!” look when you open your eyes, its time your house needed a fresh perspective. If you have tried many other decorating styles in the past and want something offbeat or you want a hint of nostalgia and old country charm into your living room, the Rustic decoration is the way to go.

The Rustic decoration is best suited to stay by the hill, or a river flowing past. Though it isn’t always necessary that you need to stay by the countryside to replicate the experience, you can get adventurous and adopt the Rustic charm in your decorations.

The word Rustic conjures up certain mental images of lakeside cabins, rough hewn baskets, ironware, rusted metal and wooden household items handcrafted all quintessentially reminiscent of the old western charm. The predominant theme or blend of the rustic involves dark, wooden, earthy colors, copper. Though one wood associate theRustic decoration with unfinished wood and discomfort, it is a misconception as today you can replicate the Rustic feel without losing out on comfort.

The Rustic is also a personification of charm, peace and countryside serenity. It’s peaceful and eclectic, mixing European with American regional antiques, and showcasing natural surfaces and pioneering spirit. In short, rustic is still timber, homespun fabrics, and galvanized tin, but it’s also serviceable, sleek, and slightly sophisticated.

Now constructing and decorating a house with the Rustic way can be a learning experience and fun at the same time. All you need is some creativity and some designs in hand. If you want to saw the logs on your own, you can do that too without worry. Installing pine and poplar floors and keeping furnishings and accessories to a minimum underscored the primitive look.

To blend the new construction with the original log structure, use cedar siding and quarter-sawn oak that weather almost immediately. Inside, leave the logs untreated, instantly achieve an aged effect. Also for the enhanced Rustic look, do not hang curtains, incorporate handmade things. For recreating the Rustic look a collection of baskets, chandeliers, and other accents gives the house an instant sense of history. Introduce items that evoke memories.

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