5 Household Items To Help You Unclog Your Drain


The thought of clogged drains is extremely disgusting, and also is extremely unhygienic. To avoid this problem, a lot of people reach for either the plumbing services or the store items which does help in getting rid of the problem of clogged drains. But before reaching for all of these it is better to choose the household items as these can surprisingly help in resolving blocked drains in reading and are also affordable.

Accumulating water and unpleasant odour is the sign which shows that your drain needs immediate cleaning to remove the gunk. Implementing some of the household items will help in avoiding the problem of clogged drains.

Use of vinegar and baking soda

It is the most effective household methods of getting rid of clogged drains. You have to mix equal parts of baking soda and vinegar, and put it in the clogged drain as soon as it fizzes. The fizzing helps in getting rid of all the dirt and gunk which is present inside the pipe. You have to leave the mixture for an hour or so, and flush it out completely with hot water.

Also, you can put dry baking soda as much as you want inside the pipe, and immediately pour vinegar. This is also effective and helps in removing the dirt and grime from the pipe.

Clothing hanger

Using a clothing hanger can astonishingly help in removing dirt deposit in the drain pipe. You can take any normal wire hanger and smoothen it out as much as possible. Pushing the hanger helps in taking out the dirt, grime out of the pipe. Also, make sure that you pull out the gunk and not push it down. As soon as you take out the dirt and grime put hot water as it helps in cleaning up the pipe.

Boiling water

This is one of the easiest and affordable ways of cleaning up the drain. You have to pour boiling water slowly inside the drain, and it will cleanse off any sort of gunk present in the pipe.

Drain snake

This is one of the easiest and affordable equipment which you can use to clean the pipe, and it does a great job in doing so. It’s mainly a flexible metal rope that has spirals at the end and helps in pulling out the dirt from inside the drain.

Wet and dry vacuum

It is a mind-blowing tool which helps in quick unclogging of the drain. For this, all you have to do is put the vacuum in the highest setting which will effectively help in sucking out all the dirt, and grime from the pipe into the vacuum bag.

Therefore, these are some of the household ways by which you can effectively clean, and unclog the pipes of the drain easily without the hassle of paying money to the plumbers.

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