A Basic Guide to Effective Kitchen Design


The kitchen is the most functional room in the house, and therefore, great care should be taken when designing this communal space. Ask any company that specialises in kitchen design in Wokingham and they will confirm that the first thing to do is take stock of what you already have, and by creating to floorplan that is to scale, you have the foundations for your design layout.

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Important Aspects to Consider

When designing a kitchen, the following are of great importance:

  1. Making good use of available space – Customised storage helps to maintain an uncluttered look.
  2. The Layout – The fridge, sink and cooking area should always be close to each other. The kitchen triangle is a good way to decide on placement of these items, with two being on one side, with the final item opposite the main walkway.
  3. Quality Materials – The kitchen is not a place to cut corners with quality, and it might cost a little more for quality tiles and worktops, but you will glad you paid that extra after a few years. Granite and marble make for excellent worktops, and your cabinets should be professionally made and made to fit the spaces.

By spending the time on the design stage, you can move forward with some confidence, and with a professional installation, your new kitchen will exceed your expectations. When looking for a kitchen renovation company, make sure they have an in-house design team, and they will make the very best of what you have.

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