3 Different Types Of Boilers That You Can Have Installed In Your UK Home


The United Kingdom is well known for its particularly poor weather and most days we get either wind or rain and oftentimes both. We need to find ways to keep our homes warm, so that our families and pets can stay warm and cosy too.

That is why you will find that most UK homes want to install a boiler to provide all their heating needs and we install these because they are efficient and if serviced on a regular basis, will last us for many years. There are a number of boilers to choose from at your local Worcester boiler suppliers in Exeter and we will have a look at three of them here.

  1. The Combi boiler gets its name because it does two things for us. It supplies us with all the hot water that we need for a shower, bath and washing the dishes but also heats our home as well. There is no need for water storage in the attic or elsewhere because it heats the water directly from the mains. Combi boilers are small, so they are perfect for small properties.
  2. System boilers are the second option and they require a cylinder for storing the water that it heats. This particular boiler works with solar power which saves you a lot of money with regard to bills and is also good for the environment.
  3. The regular or traditional boiler is suitable for homes that already have the traditional heating and hot water system installed. This boiler is suitable for older houses with the old radiator system.

For all your boiler needs, contact your local boiler supplier today and they will advise you best.

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