A Basic Guide to Tree Care


Trees are wonderful things, in fact, without them, life would be impossible, and if you have a few trees on your property, they deserve some care and attention. Regular pruning is important to give the tree shape, and also to prevent it growing into power lines, which can be a problem, and with certified tree surgeons in Kent who are able to advise you on tree care, as well as correct pruning techniques, your trees will be healthy and strong.

  • Correct Watering – Trees do require water, and when rainfall is scarce, using a hosepipe to soak the roots will ensure they have all the moisture they need. When watering trees, focus on the area around the trunk, and for larger trees, leave the hosepipe close to the trunk and let a lot of water seep into the ground.
  • Proper Pruning – There is a right and a wrong time for pruning trees, and you should avoid removing buds or blossom, as this will hinder the growth cycle. Remove all dead branches, and look for signs of disease on the trunk, which can affect a tree at any time. If you don’t have the time or the inclination to get the pruning shears out, your local tree surgeon would be happy to pop round at a convenient time and carry out the pruning.

Make sure that your trees are ventilated and have sufficient room to grow, and if you ever suspect there are problems, ask your local tree surgeon to take a look.

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