Why Building Maintenance Cannot Be Ignored


Buildings require regular maintenance, especially in the UK, where the harsh climate batters the structure, day in, day out. Even the best quality materials get broken down by the weather, and without some TLC, your home can quickly become in need of repair, and here are a few common issues the UK homeowner is faced with.

  • Rising Damp– The British climate is wet, and dampness is everywhere, and without adequate damp proofing, the moisture from the ground will gradually rise up the walls. Should your home have rising damp, calling in qualified property repair services in Clitheroe is your best option.
  • Roof Damage– Storms and high winds play havoc with roofing, and broken or missing tiles are a frequent occurrence. Inspecting your roof after evert period of bad weather will ensure that any missing tiles are quickly replaced. Cleaning the guttering out will ensure that rainwater can channel away, rather than running down the exterior walls.
  • Timber Issues– Most homes have timber in their construction, such as window and door frames, fascia and roofing supports, and if not treated, they will decay over time, and replacing all of your windows and doors is an expensive project. The same applies with gating and fencing, which is exposed to the weather, and many homes use composite materials, which eliminates the need for maintenance.

There are, of course, other things that can go wrong with a house, and by forging an alliance with a local builder, you can have the property inspected on an annual basis.

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