Wooden Blinds Buying Guide


A wooden variation of the venetian blind, wooden blinds are a very popular option due to their attractive aesthetics and versality. Offering a natural style that works in virtually any interior design, wooden blinds can feature a range of colours, designs, and finishes.

Arguably one of the most appealing looking blinds on the market, wooden blinds offer an elegant and sophisticated style of blind that really works well with any type of décor. Using wooden slats, they are one of the few blinds to provide natural wood finishes.

What are wooden blinds?

As the name suggests, wooden blinds are style of venetian blind that uses wood materials as opposed to metals or plastics. They consist of several rows of horizontal slats that are tied together via cord, which is also used to lower or raise the blinds as needed.

The slats on wooden blinds can be easily adjusted to control the amount of light passing through, with the ability to pivot them at a variety of angles to achieve the perfect level of transparency. Slats can vary in size, although typically range from 25 to 50mm.

Style options for wooden blinds

Wood venetian blinds come with a variety of style options, including different wood types, grains, colours, finishes, and glosses available, not to mention several different slat sizes that can achieve different looks and functions.

A popular addition for many styles of wood blinds is ladder tapes. These strips of materials are found at the front of the blinds, offering an extra sense of elegance and many new style options. These tapes are popular in contrasting colours from the wooden slats, allowing the blinds to offer a more visually striking style if desired.

There are quite a few colour options for wooden blinds as well, although going for the natural wooden finish that shows of the natural grains of the wood is a very popular buying choice. However, should you require a more colourful style of wooden blinds then there are still many painted finishes available.

Benefits of wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are one of the most popular style of blinds and for good reason. One of the most obvious selling-points is how stylish they are, with many viewing this as the most attractive style of blinds out there – and it is hard to disagree with this when you see how well they can tie a room together!

Being a variation of the venetian blind, they also enjoy the advantage of offering complete control over the daylight in a room. The slats can be easily adjusted to several positions, meaning you can control the level of light throughout the course of the day.

The wood finish is also a very versatile style that can be paired with virtually any room, while the wood material itself also makes them much easier to clean when compared to other blinds using fabric materials instead.

Plus, wooden blinds remain a very affordable option due to their widespread popularity, so you can easily find them in all of the most common window sizes, removing the need for custom-made wooden blinds.

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