Why Your Office Interior Matters


More and more companies are spending time and money improving the interior appearance of their offices, and for a good reason. Customers and potential clients will judge you on the appearance and functionality of your space and tie your area together with your brand is a great way to include your brand in your everyday business. There’s a lot more to office design than just where you place the furniture; the effort and time that you spend working on your office interior is time well spent, especially if you focus on improving how people perceive your business and employees. The UK Government have some advice.

Improve Communication

With the advent of mobile phones and social media, it is easier than ever to communicate with people all around the world whenever you want to. In theory, this would mean that communication in your office should be at an all-time high, but that often is not the case. Studies have shown that technology has a detrimental effect on communication, especially in the office.

A flexible office that has movable furniture will encourage communication among your employees and can increase collaboration and teamwork. Instead of having to communicate via phone or email, employees in a movable and flexible office can move around quickly and interact with each other at will.

Set the Mood for Employees and Customers

Any stress that people in your office are feeling is likely to quickly spread throughout the whole office. This makes it difficult for others to concentrate, stay in a good mood, and do the work that is assigned to them. For customers, this means that any stress in the office will be perceived and even magnified, giving customers a bad feeling about working with a particular company.

Perfectly-designed office interiors in Stevenage can combat stress in a few ways. Bringing in natural elements such as plants, water features, and even large picture windows will instantly lower anxiety in the office. Quiet zones that are designated spaces where employees can go to work without distractions or hold private meetings are also excellent ways for people to catch their breath and mentally prepare for the challenges of the day.

Affect Customer Perceptions

The layout of your office will significantly affect how customers perceive you and your business. While some companies can have wild, bright, and funky interiors, others, such as accountants, will be better suited with colours and designs that are more calming and professional in appearance. You can affect how your customers think about your company by how you design and layout your office space.

If you have not been thinking about the effect of your office design and layout on productivity, stress, and the impressions that people have of your company, then it may be time for an update. Changing the look and design of your office space will quickly allow you to modify how people feel about your company. Working with a company that provides full office refurbishment is a great way to ensure that you are projecting the right appearance and feel to your employees and your customers.

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