Why you need an Architect for your House Extension in Croydon, London


House extensions can sometimes become large projects. Therefore, you should plan your house extension well before it commences. An architect would be in a position to assist from the start of the planning process. Since extensions require some designing, an architect is an excellent person to do it.

Reasons why you need an architect for the construction of your house extension are:

Knowledge and creativity

Architects undergo sufficient education and training become they become qualified. Also, the skills of an architect are required not just for good looking extension designs but also better structures as well.

Besides, some architects would cover construction techniques and materials as well as landscaping designs and ergonomics. Moreso, a property owner can depend on the architect to understand the laws and requirements of the house extension they want to erect.

Further, since a homeowner would only have the abstract idea of the house extension, the architect would be the one to put it in the paper.

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Also, architects would not only assist in making house expansions functional, but they would also help in making the project aesthetically pleasing.

Giving cost effective designs

Everyone wishing to construct a house extension has a rough idea of what they want to accomplish. Therefore, an architect would listen to the ideas and translate them to what the contractor need to do and perform the task.

As a result, they would end up helping you to save on time and cash. Also, the architect would have enough expertise to assist you to avoid trouble spots and design an extension that will be of low maintenance.

Social responsibility/Environmental awareness

An architect would design a structure that would improve the quality of life. Similarly, an architect would give the structure environmental-conscious designs.

Administration and communication

An excellent architect would further spread his duties in communicating the designs to engineers and contractors. More so, he can assist in some trouble spots in his capacity as an architect.

How to avoid hiring the wrong architect

While it’s not easy to judge whether a particular architect will meet your needs, some ways to help are:

Visit the architect’s office

An architect’s office can speak a lot about their design aesthetics and creativity. However, don’t confuse their creativity with disorganization, models, papers for tracing, as well as sketches, can be a symbol of creativity.

Look at their website

A well-designed website can communicate a lot about a particular architect. In case their website is out of date, or they don’t have one, this may be a hint that they are not the best people to engage.

Software use

Building Information Model (BIM) is the latest architectural software, and more sophisticated architects use this.  The software is vital in the elimination of errors in the coordination of drawings. Therefore, find out the software that they use.


Ensure that the architect has enough expertise to accomplish the task. Also, they should have experience in handling such tasks in the past.

Finally, involving the services of an architect in Croydon will make your extension project run smoothly and effectively. While you may spend some cash on the services, every coin will be worth it.

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