Architects in Bexley: How to pick the right one


As you plan to renovate and add an extension to your home, one of the toughest decisions you will have to make is to choose the right architect for your project. Architects can turn your imagination into reality. However, you need to pick the right one because not all architects can understand and transform your vision into reality.

Since they make your home, architects are critical components to your home. Their knowledge and expertise are what they use to make your home. Therefore, before picking one, you need to know how to go about the selection process. Below is a guideline on how you can select the right Planning Permissions & Architectural Services firm in Bexley.

Consider their experience

If the architect you pick has successful experience with local planners, you have made the right choice. You need an architect who can advise you on planning matters in case you need the advice. For instance, an architect who is familiar with the planning authority will help you avoid getting into legal trouble with your neighbors and the local authority. Thisis because they already know what can and cannot work in terms of planning. Besides, they already have a rapport with your neighbors and the local authority which they will use to your advantage.

Do they understand and accept your budget?

Working with an architect who goes against your budget all the time, or one who you have to keep reminding them that the particular material is beyond your budget is stressful. If they do not get your budget, chances are, they may build a substandard extension simply because they did not have time to look for the best materials within your budget. Be upfront with them from the beginning and let them know that they should be realistic in terms of what you can get from your budget.

Even though extensions are cheaper than building or buying a new home, construction is not always affordable. Therefore, make sure you are at par with your architect in terms of your budget and be careful not to agree to their additional architectural features.

A good listener

A good architect is one who listens and understands the dream of their client. You do not want to have to keep repeating to your architect about your vision for your home. For the architect to understand your dream, they have to listen to you. Architects can easily steer you away from your dream home, so be sure to stick to your original plan and do not give in to their many suggestions that go against what you want. Even though they are the professionals, their role is to develop your idea, not to change it. Also, watch out for impulsive architects who can add something in your initial design just for the sake of trying something new. You can gauge their listening skills during your interview with them.


In case your architect is not meeting your expectations during the construction, you can ask other architects for their advice on how to correct the situation. Do not forget to commend them when they create a spectacular home extension for you.

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