Why Would You Need Scaffolding


Scaffolding serves two important purposes: it provides you with a work surface, and also helps to support a building. If a section of a building is not strong enough to stand up on its own, it needs scaffolding to hold it up. This can happen to an entire home, or just a small part of it such as the chimney. You will need scaffolding installed at your home or business if this is the case. Historic buildings are the most common recipients of domestic scaffolding.

Historic Homes

Different entities determine what is officially an historic building; whichever definition you choose, if a building is old and you want to reserve it, it might need scaffolding. Over time, the materials that make up these buildings will begin to degrade, and the integrity of the building could be in question. You need to employ the services of scaffolding erectors and hirers in Burton-On-Trent. They will be able to shore up the building to ensure it does not fall down, which will give you the means to repair the building without worrying about it falling. Also, you can choose a type of scaffolding that provides you with a work surface.

Work Surface

Depending on what kind of scaffolding you hire, you could have a work surface where you can walk around and actually get work done. If you’re painting a home or building, you don’t necessarily want to use a ladder. Every year, thousands of people are injured falling off of ladders. You also have to move the ladder over and over again to paint an entire house. A scaffold would provide you with the opportunity to paint the entire structure without moving the scaffold once. Such a device is the fastest and most effective way to perform repairs or modifications to a building, no matter how old it is.


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