Three Tips to Make Sure Your Boiler Runs Efficiently


Getting a boiler to run more efficiently will keep your house warmer and help save money on operating costs. While an engineer can help you make it more efficient, you can also use these tips to make the boiler operate economically.

Use Pipe Lagging

When the temperatures fall in the winter, water pipes can freeze if it gets too cold. Freezing pipes will prevent your heating system from working and the pipes can burst. However, you can prevent freezing pipes by lagging them. Ready-made lagging is available in home improvement stores and it can last for several years.

Check Pilot Light

A gas boiler that is running well will have a strong blue flame. If the flame appears yellow, then the boiler could be producing carbon monoxide.

It is imperative to have a Gas Safe engineer visit your home as soon as possible for emergency boiler service, replacement, and repairs in Berkshire. Since carbon monoxide is odourless and deadly, you should install a carbon monoxide alarm near where the boiler is kept to warn you of leaks.

Program for Efficiency

You can get the boiler to run more efficiently if you use a programmable thermostat and use the boiler’s timer to set it for your daily routine. You can have it turn up the heat about 10 minutes before you wake up so that your home is warm and the water will be hot enough for showers. When everyone leaves for the day, program it to turn the heat down to save money and then turn it back up before anyone gets home.

It is also important to have your boiler system serviced before the weather turns cold to ensure that it is able to heat your home for the winter. A technician will check the boiler and radiators to make sure that they are operating correctly.


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