Why Should You Have Trees Inspected On A Regular Basis


You might not be able to identify problems with your trees. Sometimes there may be an issue with the tree that you just haven’t noticed. A trained professional will be able to cast their eyes over the trees that are on your property.

They will methodically inspect every part of the tree to make sure that everything is perfect. They will also inspect the ground around the tree.

Why should you have trees inspected on a regular basis by a professional?

Surgeons Can Tell When A Branch Is About To Drop

Branches can snap off the tree and fall onto the garden. Falling branches is a hazard that you can avoid by using tree lopping services in Perth performed by professionals.

Surgeons Can Spot Whether The Bark Is Dry

When you are having your trees inspected, the bark will be looked at. The tree surgeon will decide whether the tree bark has the right amount of moisture. If the bark is too dry, then this could be a sign that the tree is not getting enough water from the roots. It could also be a sign that the tree has become infected with a fungus.

The dry bark can be difficult for laymen to spot, especially during the hotter months.

Surgeons Can Tell Whether The Branches Are Too Brittle

Brittle branches are another sign that the tree is not getting enough water or whether it is sick. If the tree has become extremely brittle, then the best course of action may be to completely chop the tree down. This means that a new tree or some plants can be planted in its place.

Surgeons Can Tell Whether The Roots Are Interfering With The Garden

The roots of the tree help to supply vital water and nutrients to the rest of the tree. However, sometimes the roots can grow to be too long. Overgrown roots can cut up the grass in the garden. They might also cause people to trip over if they have broken the surface.

The roots can then be dug up or cut back, depending on the level of the damage that has been caused. This can be a difficult problem for laymen to spot on their own.

Surgeons Can Tell Whether The Tree Has Begun To Lean

When you have a tree in your back garden, you want it to perfectly straight so that it is not going to pose a risk to other buildings such as your shed and your house. A surgeon will carry out a full inspection of the tree and they will be able to tell if the tree has started to lean even slightly. Scaffolding can be erected around the tree if it has begun to lean.

If the lean is severe and poses a risk, then the surgeon is going to make sure that the whole tree is cut down to size.

Surgeons can identify a wide range of issues that you might not be able to perceive. All it takes is an inspection.

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