Choose Glass Balustrades for Contemporary Looks and Great Function


Glass balustrades are showing up in more homes and business buildings, especially in the last couple of decades. In fact, some might say that it’s quite common to use this architectural touch to give the property a distinctive appearance. But the idea of the balustrade itself has a solid foundation in history with many of the wealthier residents of the Roman Empire using balustrades of stone in both interior and exterior settings.

The design ideas changed over the centuries with many balustrades now made using glass panels that are strengthened and laminated for durability and safety. Some are framed, some are semi-framed, and some are custom designed to be frameless, depending on the overall design of the building and the function to which the balustrade will be put.

Special Services

Today, you’ll find companies specialising in the supply and installation of glass balustrading in WA. Whether you’re a builder, designer, or creative homeowner, you can work with these specialists to get the solution that you need and stay within budget limits in the process. As construction costs rise, it’s become more difficult to obtain the results that you desire without emptying the bank account. But when you work with one of the leading suppliers in this specialty, you can have the beauty and quality that you want at a reasonable price.

Learn more when you visit the website to gather the information that you need to make an informed decision. You’ll find you have access to frameless balustrade kits, semi-frameless balustrade kits, pool fencing, fully fabricated handrail systems, made-to-measure glass panels, and staircases plus all the associated hardware and chemicals that you might need if you choose to take care of the installation.

Custom-made systems are ready to install with clear instructions to guide you through every step. You can always call on the professionals for support as well. Of course, if you want the peace of mind of having qualified and experienced installers complete the task, this is certainly an option. You can save a lot of time, of course, and your completed project will be safe and long-lasting, not to mention the remarkable appearance that you’ll be proud to show to guests.

No-Obligation Quote

You’d be wise to call and talk to a representative about the offer of a free no-obligation quote. This is a great way to get started towards making your home stand out with glass balustrade systems and other key features. Whether you are interested in professionally installed glass balustrades or high-quality fencing or would like to arrange the purchase of a do-it-yourself kit, this is your source.

Glass can be a transforming addition to your property, especially when your modern home is designed on the open floor plan. Use balustrades and glass screening to maintain this open feel and look. It’s a perfect choice for staircase conversions and for exquisite shower screens in your renovated bath. This may also be the right choice for balcony screening and for pool fencing. In fact, when you talk with a member of the team, you may discover even more outstanding options for this great material.

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