Why Green (Living) Walls are so Popular


Have you ever wondered what those super-tall green hedge-like walls and fences really are in those cool, architectural buildings? They’re known as green or living walls, and were going to tell you why they’re so awesome.

Green walls (also known as living walls) are simply walls and structures made from rows of biodiverse plants to hide a building surface.

A living wall system is different than a hedge, as they are created by fixing rows and screens onto an existing surface to provide a green wall or green roof.

The range of uses of living walls is endless, and can also be used for interior living walls with moss products in many designs, shapes and sizes. Whilst some people may imagine moss to be quite messy, it actually is extremely practical for interior green walls and especially for decorative features.

Green walls are not just aesthetically pleasing, but they’re well known to provide health and wellbeing improvements to building occupants and members of the public around them.

Exterior living walls are generally constructed using a unique fabric system with allows designers and architects to create bespoke designs and planting plans across walls, roofs and most building surfaces.

With the introduction of ivy screens, exterior living wall systems can be implemented even away from a building surface – for example along a car park or footpath. Pre-grown ivy screen are ideal for green walls as they are encourage air purity and naturally suppress dust.

Climbers and similar shrubs can also be incorporated into living walls to create vertical greening, which not only adds to the unique look but are also remarkably easy to maintain.

Whilst maintenance for green walls is important and specialist, it’s very economic and keeps your living walls looking lush for years on end.

Living walls can be used for screening, biodiversity, aesthetics, plant supports and many other options to create a truly unique beautiful green wall or green roof that will truly be the centre of attention in addition to providing wellness benefits and tranquillity.

However, as you may imagine, installing green walls, green roofs and living interior and exterior walls is a specialist vocation, and should only be undertaken by experts. Whilst many gardeners, landscapers and builders may claim to be able to install green walls, only trust an experienced living wall maintenance company to install.

Ideally, look for a company that can design, plan, install, irrigate and maintain your green wall – you’ll not regret it! Compare that to using an unskilled or inexperienced installer that will only leave your living wall looking a mess and falling apart from day one.

Finally, look for a living wall installation company that has years of experience but also is committed for the future. One that funds research, works closely with educational bodies to advance vertical greening studies, and also works ethically and is environmentally aware.

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