Saving the climate would add £100 to household energy bills


The United Kingdom has been doing its bit in conserving the environment and reducing its carbon footprint. More use of solar power, windfarms and other natural resources is being encouraged to make progress towards environment conservation. However, according to the government adviser Committee on Climate Change, continuing to support windfarms, solar sources of energy and other natural sources would add £100 to the household bills in a decade’s time.

The committee, a team of experts formed under the Climate Change Act that aim at advising the government, estimates that there would be a rise of £105, or 9% increase to average dual fuel bills due to the green policies levied by the government. The committee also stated that the measures taken to meet the UK’s carbon targets would inflate the average bill by £200 by 2030. It also acknowledged the fact that other factors like rising wholesale energy costs would also add to the energy bills.

The committee also estimated that by using energy efficient appliances and gadgets, a household can save around £150 on average energy bills. Matthew Bell, chief executive of the committee stated that “The reason we’re acting to reduce our emissions is climate change poses real risks, real risks to the UK as well as round the world.”

“What our analysis says quite clearly is that as a proportion of total energy costs, climate costs are a small minority portion. The vast majority of your energy bill is accounted by other things, like wholesale costs and transmission costs.” He added.

Contrary to the projection that green policies are a major reason for price hikes by the Big Six suppliers, the committee actually says that the policies have actually slashed £290 a year on energy bills between 2008 and 2016. This happened as the policies diverted people’s mind to switch to A-rated fridge freezers, energy saving bulbs and condensing boilers.

The conservative party also proposed a price cap on energy prices in parliament and was backed by 50 MPs who voted to protect the customers on the SVTs. The company also made a comparison with the European countries and said that British household energy prices are less compared to those in Europe. In addition, it claimed that the green policies do not add a considerable amount to any company’s bills and has not influenced the UK plc’s competitiveness.

To sum up, the committee makes it very clear that green policies should not be blamed for energy price hikes made by the Big Six suppliers. Therefore, the customers should not believe whatever is projected and must stop overspending by going away from suppliers that keep increasing energy prices. The best way is to shop around and switch to a supplier that offers cheaper gas and electricity deals and an effective service.

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