Why choose Aluminium Windows?


If you are thinking about new double glazing windows, you’ll probably be think that you should look for uPVC windows, right?

Whilst it’s true that uPVC is a good choice, there’s actually a far better choice these days – Aluminium windows.

But why choose aluminium windows over uPVC window units? Here’s a few reasons that you may wish to consider before deciding.

Modern appearance

When you think about uPVC windows, what’s the first thing you visualise? Is it the white window frames? Isn’t that just a little bit 1970s? You know, back to that infamous Ted Moult/Everest double glazing advert with the feather?

Whilst you may not be old enough to remember the advertisement in questions, it’s likely that you’d notice the windows shown in it doesn’t look significantly different from today’s windows. You know, kind of old.

With aluminium windows, you’re sure to be the envy of your neighbours with their sleek, modern looks. Extremely distinctive and slimline, aluminium windows are available in a choice of colours and styles.

Energy Efficiency

Aluminium windows are extremely energy efficient, and high quality materials keep your home warmer. For further convenience – and increased efficiency – aluminium windows are available in double and triple glazed options.


Aluminium windows never need treating or painting, are extremely simple to clean and a durable, low maintenance alternative to more traditional window types.


As aluminium windows are low maintenance, extremely durable and energy efficient, they save homeowners money in the long run.

Additionally more cost savings can be realised by self-surveying. The homeowner can measure their windows themselves and just order online thus saving money on costly tradesmen surveys.


Aluminium windows are popular with shops and commercial venues due to the hard wearing nature of aluminium. Consequently, their durability makes them increasing popular as replacement windows for uPVC framed windows in residential properties.

Check to see how little aluminium windows could cost you

As you’ve now seen the benefits of aluminium windows, why not see how cheap they really could be for you?

By using an online service such as Fitter Windows you can now easily receive an instant quote for aluminium windows. Once you have measured the sizes that you need,  simply enter your details and sizes required and a competitive quote will be automatically sent to you.

What’s more, you can build up your online aluminium windows quote by choosing double or triple glazed, and even discuss your quote directly to answer any questions that you may have.

Now that you’ve seen all the benefits, and why you should choose aluminium windows, you can say goodbye to painting and future remedial works or repairs. With your hard-wearing, durable and low maintenance aluminium windows, the only concern you may have is keep being pestered about where you purchased your amazing windows from!

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