What’s the Three-tiered Carpet Cleaning Process? – Offer Your Nursing Home a Better Breathing Environment


A study reveals that more than 13% of emergency nursing home hospitalization is due to low respiratory problems. These can get triggered by irritants and allergens within the facility. 

Carpeted flooring and fabric are a common source, surgery centers, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities prefer hard flooring because of cleanliness reasons. Hard surfaces like vinyl composite tile flooring can be disinfected but carpets are hard to sanitize. 

To resolve this issue, hire the commercial carpet cleaning Perth personnel and sign an effective carpet cleaning maintenance program. 

What’s the three-tiered carpet cleaning process?

The Perth cleaning professionals will suggest a 3-tiered carpet cleaning process. This cleaning regimen completed thoroughly will help to reduce the presence of the particulate within the carpet as well as make the fibers look better. Even the life of the carpet increases.


Daily vacuuming is great to reduce the particulate number from the carpet, thus keep low level maintained. Vacuuming agitates the particulate hidden deep inside the carpet, so ensure to vacuum when there are no patients there. However, this is not possible all the time. 

Choose A vacuum with high-efficiency air filters to trap more irritants and dirt matter. Ensure to empty bags far away, so that the dirty matter does not get airborne. 

Low moisture encapsulation

The process includes applying a solution comprising of encapsulating polymer and detergent. Particulate matter, which escaped vacuuming, can be removed very efficiently. After the first-round of vacuuming, use a low-pressure sprayer to spray the encapsulation solution. 

On agitation, the polymers form tiny crystals that trap grime and dirt, which can be easily vacuumed. As the moisture is very low, the dry time is not more than half an hour. The encapsulation cleaning program has to be scheduled once a month.

Hot water extraction

A powerful extractor is used to remove the hot water used to loosen the grime and dirt. The contaminants and soil embedded deep in the fibers get eliminated along with the stains and foul odor. The only drawback to this technique is carpet needs 8 hours to dry. Annual or bi-annual hot water extraction technique to clean the carpet is recommended. 

Free your nursing home facility from lurking contaminants developing within your carpet flooring. Professionally cleaned carpets underfoot will make everyone under the roof breathe easily!

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