Three Reasons For Buying A Wood Entry Door


When you’re in the market for a new entry door to your home, you will have many types of doors from which to choose. While wood was once the only choice in materials for exterior doors, you now have the option of choosing among doors made from composite materials, steel, and, of course, wood. There are many advantages to picking wood doors for all of your home’s exterior doors.

Adds Beauty to Your Home

One of the major advantages that wooden doors from have over other types of doors is beauty. When a wood door has been finished properly, the wood grains show through and give your entry a beautiful, warm look that is both classic and timeless. While most composite doors come with a faux wood grain finish, it is easy to tell real wood from a faux finish.

Wooden doors are made from many different types of wood, such as pine, walnut, or mahogany, and you should be able to find one that suits your home. You can also purchase an unfinished door and have your contractor finish it so it complements the exterior of your house.

High End Look

Whether your door is a wood veneer or solid wood, it will give the entryway of your home a high end, expensive appearance. Wooden doors can be pricey, but they are well worth the cost for the way they make your home look. A well-finished wood door is inviting to guests, and it reflects positively on your sense of style and the care you put into your home.

You can choose from many door styles when you go shopping for a wooden door, or you can have one customised for your home. A wooden door looks good on any home design, whether it is a sleek, modern design or one that is more traditional. Consider sidelights for your door if you have bought an older home so you can easily see out, but also give your home a more classic appearance.

Repairs Are Easily Made

Accidents happen, and if something does occur and your wood front door is scratched or dented, it can be easily repaired. A light scratch can usually be covered up by applying a small amount of wood polish in the same shade as your door. However, if the scratch is deeper, then you can use a putty stick to fill in the scratch, lightly buff it out once the putty has set, and cover it with a small amount of polish.

If the door has a dent in it, you will need to access the size and depth of the dent to figure out the best way to repair the door. Most dents may be repaired by filling them in with putty, sanding the putty flat and then covering it with a finish. However, for deeper gouges, you might want to call in a contractor to remove and fix the door.

A beautiful wooden entry door will make your home stand out and appear welcoming.

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